• Bridge Finance Personal Loans

    Bridge Finance Personal Loans offering of up to R150,000 to unemployed SME business owners. No payslip required only your ID and a 3 months statement.

    Apply Now for a Bridge Finance Personal Loans
    Bridge Finance Personal Loans for self employed people available now

    About Bridge Finance Personal Loans

    Bridge Finance Personal Loans offer credit up to a maximum amount of R150,000 with very affordable interest rates. Because this is a flexible loan facility, only a 3 months bank statements are needed as well as a copy of the I.D with no need for employment confirmation.A lending concerns offering these loans is First National Bank.

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    Apply NOW for a Bridge Finance personal or business loan
    Bridge Finance offering personal loans

    Bridge Finance is a South African financial concern that has dedicated itself to financially empower the masses regardless of their employment status. Bridge Finance Personal Loans offer credit to self-employed clients with minimum amount being R4,000 and maximum amount being R150,000. Loan conditions include the fact that clients maximum age must be 65 years, have 100% clear credit record, must have permanent source of income from a minimum amount of R3,000 and present 3 months latest bank statements.

    How to apply

    Loan Queries: 086 111 2044
    Fax Number: 012 365 1691
    Email Address: clientservices@bridge.co.za

    Head Office: 086 111 2754
    Investor Relations: 012 470 3602

    Head Office
    Physical Address:
    Atrium Building
    60 Glenwood Road
    Lynwood Glen
    Pretoria, 0081

    Bridge Finance Personal Loans We all have something on the other side. It’s just a matter of getting there.

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  • Getbucks Instant Payday Loan

    Getbucks Instant Payday Loan Available now from R500 to R4000. Use sliders to Apply. No Delay Periods No Paperwork No Securities.

    Getbucks Instant Payday Loan is an easy, quick loans online in South Africa of up to R4,000 for new customers and up to R8,000 for existing customers and 45 days to repay.

    Getbucks Instant Payday Loan

    Anyone can apply online in just a few minutes, simply visit GetBucks and select the amount you would like and the number of days till you can afford to repay it and then apply, it really couldn’t be easier.

    Applications will also be accepted if you do not have a perfect credit record though additional documentation may be required to get your Getbucks Instant Payday Loan approved.

    Approved Getbucks Instant Payday Loan will be paid into any South African bank accounts in under 60 minutes, helping you to ‘get bucks’ quick when you need them.

    How to Apply for Getbucks Instant Payday Loan

    To apply for a Getbucks Instant Payday Loan you will need to be employed and earning a salary between the ages of 18 and 65.
    Unfortunately applications from self-employed persons as well as pensioners are not considered.
    You will need to have an active RSA bank account (Bidvest and Postbank are not accepted) as well as be a resident of South Africa, with valid email address and contact number.
    A credit check will be carried out when you apply to determine whether there are any other requirements for your loan to be approved.
    No security is required to qualify for a loan (such as a car or home).
    If your Getbucks Instant Payday Loan is declined on initial application you can reapply after 31 days and will be considered.
    Applications are not considered if you are currently or planning to go under debt review or administration.

    Contact Getbucks Instant Payday Loan

    Getbucks are available from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.
    Getbucks Landline Number: 010 110 0757
    Getbucks Mobile Number: 087 808 0120
    Getbucks Email: info@getbucks.com
    Getbucks Document Submission: bankstatement@getbucks.com
    Getbucks Collections: collections.za@getbucks.com

    Apply for a Getbucks Instant Payday Loan for quick cash from R500 to R4 000 available in under 60 minutes.

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  • NFSAS Student Loans and Bursaries

    NFSAS provides student loans and bursaries to students in universities and FET colleges in and around South Africa. NSFAS pays tuition, residence fees for students. Try NOW!

    In the new student-centred model, NSFAS will be in contact with learners from as early as Grade 9, so that they know which loans and bursaries they can apply for before they leave school.

    NFSAS Student Loans and Bursaries Application Process

    NFSAS will also have a central process for students to apply for NSFAS loans and bursaries. Students will be able to apply directly to NSFAS online and we will inform students on the progress of their applications by SMS and email.

    nfsas student loans bursaries

    NFSAS provides student loans and bursaries to students in universities and FET colleges in and around South Africa.

    NFSAS will have a new system to answer student’s questions and to provide information about loans and bursaries.

    This new NSFAS student-centred system will be in place by the end of 2013, and will be implemented for all universities and FET colleges by 2016. In 2014 the first group of universities to use the new system will be:

    • Durban University of Technology
    • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
    • Sol Plaatje University
    • University of Cape Town
    • University of Mpumalanga
    • University of South Africa
    • University of Venda

    In 2014 the first group of FET colleges to use the new system will be:

    • Ekurhuleni East FET College
    • King Hintsa FET College
    • Motheo FET College
    • South Cape FET College
    • Umfolozi FET College

    In the new system NSFAS will continue to pay tuition and residence fees directly to each university or college. Allowances for private accommodation, food, books and transport will be paid directly to students by NSFAS.

    If you want to study at any of the universities or colleges in phase 1 in 2014, you can apply directly to NSFAS for student financial aid. Please fill in the NSFAS Application Form and attach the required documents, then send the form to NSFAS at apply@nsfas.org.za or post it to NSFAS at:

    Private Bag X4
    Cape Town
    South Africa

    If you want to study at any other university or FET college in 2014, you must apply for student financial aid at the university or FET college where you want to study.

    NFSAS Student Loans and Bursaries are here to assist you all students of South Africa!

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  • Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan

    Loan Shop provides Instant Payday Loan of up to R2500 with a maximum 35 days to pay back. Apply now and get approved in hours. Interest rate is 0.17% per day. Apply Here

    Isidingo Financial Services has its Head Office situated in the Sunnypark shopping centre in Sunnyside, Pretoria. The management and staff have many years practical experience in the micro finance industry and can assist you with great advice, before you take a loan. Isidingo is the name you can trust when it comes to ethical business practices.

    The company is registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) and complies fully with the National Credit Act and its Regulations. A full affordability check is also done on each client, before we grant a loan, to make sure that the client can afford the repayment.

    Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan

    Loan Shop provides Instant Payday Loan of up to R2500 with a maximum 35 days to pay back. Apply now and get approved in hours. Interest rate is 0.17% per day. Apply Here

    Our clients have the option to visit our branch, situated on the 4th floor in Sunnypark Shopping Centre, on the corner of Esselen & Jeppe streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria, or they can use our website, to do secure transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices.

    Are you stuck in a situation where you need cash NOW and your next payday is still some time away?

    We can help you right now with a short-term loan, to bridge the gap until your next payday!

    • Apply online. It is fast and easy and we will pay the money directly into your bank account, today!
    • Your loan is repayable, on your first payday.
    • We do small loans from R500 up to R2500, over a one month period.
    • We are a responsible lender and will make sure that you can afford your loan.
    • We will do a proper affordability assessment with you to make sure that you can easily repay your loan.
    • The duration of your loan can differ in days, according to the period to your first payday. Interest is calculated per day for the period that you take the loan for and interest and all fees are charged in regulation with the National Credit Act.
    • We comply fully with the National Credit Act and its regulations and are a member of the MFSA

    Why use Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan?

    1. We are Super Fast!
    We make use of the latest technology to get you an answer immediately!

    2. Paid into your Bank Account
    We pay your loan into your bank account so that it’s available within hours.

    3. Its all online!
    The entire loan application is done electronically, no paperwork!

    Terms, Conditions and Fees

    Service fee of R50.00 per month
    Initiation fee 15% on first R1000.00, thereafter 10% on the value above R1000.00, to a max of R1000.00
    Interest rate 0.17% per day (5% per month or 60% annually)
    Our sliders include Credit Life Insurance of 1% of Capital + Initiation fee + interest. Thus in the case of retrenchment or disability, your loan is paid in full.
    In the case of death your loan will be paid in full and your family will receive R5000 as benefit!
    Credit life insurance is compulsory on our loans to protect you, but you are welcome to supply us with your own credit life insurance should you not want our product
    Interest & Fees calculated as on the regulations set out in Chapter 5 of the NCA no.34 of 2005

    Non payment procedures

    Loanshop is a responsible lender. We do affordability assessments before granting a loan. It is therefor your responsibility to ensure there are enough funds available on the agreed payment date as this will ensure the agreed terms remain the same. Should payments decline we will do our best to contact you on that day. (Your own bank charges may apply).

    We will try and resolve the payment issue within a reasonable manner through our collections team however interest and fees may apply if payment date is missed. If your financial situation has changed we can discuss alternative plans. We will not continue to hit / debit your account but after 90 days the account is passed onto our external collectors. Such an outstanding amount will be reported to the relevant credit bureaus, which will remain on your credit record. We will also not be able to lend to you again should this happen.

    Contact Details

    Telephone Number 012 440 9111
    Fax number: 012 440 5777
    E-mail address: info@loanshop.co.za

    Physical Address

    4th Floor, Sunnypark Shopping Centre
    c/o Esselen & Jeppe streets

    Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan fast easy and reliable cash into your pocket!

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  • Bridge Loans for the Unemployed in South Africa

    Bridge Loans provides loans to the unemployed in South Africa. We can never predict things like household fires, injuries, illness, car accidents, and burglaries. Bridge Loans can help you.

    Bridge Loans was established in 1994 in order to provide all people with the right of access to credit. We make sure that you are able to get money as and when you need it.

    Bridge Loans for the unemployed in South Africa

    Bridge Loans provides loans to the unemployed in South Africa.

    Bridge the gap between your wallet and your finances without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

    How Can I Get Loans Without a Job?

    • If you have some valuable assets, you can use them as collateral on personal loans. South Africa based credit providers often offer loans on the basis of security rather than a monthly salary.
    • You can get urgent cash loans from your friends or relatives. Make sure you work out reasonable terms and a fair interest rate, and get your agreement down on paper. These things help to protect your relationships if things go wrong.
    • If your friends and relatives don’t have money to lend you, they could still help you with personal loans. South Africa based credit providers are happy to let their clients take out urgent cash loans on someone else’s behalf.
    • If you’re looking for a loan because you want to study something, you can get a student loan – study loans don’t require applicants to be employed, but they do require someone else (who is employed) to sign as surety.
    • Even if you have a job, credit providers will require that you be permanently employed to qualify for personal loans. Contract workers, freelancers, and part-time workers therefore don’t qualify for urgent cash loans, nor do people who are self-employed or who earn salaries made up mainly of commission.

    Apply for a bridge loan today

    To apply simply visit the following link


    Contact Bridge Loans

    Office Address:
    Atrium Building
    60 Glenwood Road
    Lynnwood Glen
    South Africa

    Postal Address:
    Private Bag X20
    Lynnwood Ridge
    South Africa

    Telephone Number: +27 (0)86 111 2044
    Fax: +27 (0)86 760 9796
    E-Mail: clientservices@bridge.co.za

    Bridge Loans providing loans to the unemployed in South Africa!

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  • Legal Loans

    Do you need a loan of between R2,000 up to R150,000. Legal Loans assist people blacklisted or not to acquire such loans in no time. Apply Now

    At Legal Loans we are committed to our name, we assist in helping you find a personal loan and we provide you legal and ID fraud protection. Now our product offering has been further extended and you will now also have access to Credit Crunch Report. Our company has quickly become a household name in South Africa as we have successfully helped over 200 000 clients find a suitable lender and/or broker country wide.


    Find loans in 4 easy steps:

    1. Complete an on-line form or call us on 021 815 4500
    2. Our system will process the outcome of legal standing, credit snapshot and loan finding application
    3. If approved our team will connect you to our panel of money lenders.
    4. You cash is deposited into your bank account.

    We help clients who have bad credit histories, judgements against their name, garnishee orders, defaults or are simply refused by commercial banks. It is our unique relationship with money lenders and brokers in South Africa and our steadfast compliance with the Consumer Protection Act that help make us one of the leading loan finder company in South Africa.

    If you need a loan from R2000 up to R150 000, our professional staff can assist you directly and help find you a loan swiftly.

    Purchasing our Legal and ID Assist Plan and Credit Crunch Report at the once off fee of R395-00 you will have access to powerful legal advice that can help you navigate any tricky legal situation especially when your identity is stolen as well have access to a summary of your credit status from the three largest credit bureaus. With our Legal and ID Assist Plan and Credit Crunch Report you also receive a free loan finding service, where we aim to match you with a money lender / broker that can help you achieve your short term financial goals. Legal Loans is your smarter choice, let us do the hard work for you.

    You are welcome to apply by connecting to our call centre to speak with someone directly or alternatively, filling in an on-line application form for your convenience. At Legal Loans we take every precaution to ensure your information is safe, as we respect the growing need for information security in the digital environment. Your personal details and information will never be sold to third parties or subject to gross abuse.

    Let us do the research for you and help you breathe a little easier, apply on-line or call us today: 021 815 4500

    About Legal Loans

    At Legal Loans we have a truly proudly South African culture and operate our bustling call centre in the coastal city of Cape Town. Tucked away in our corporate business block we work tirelessly for you; only to occasionally glance out through the window and take in the vibrant atmosphere that the Mother City can provide. We service South Africa country-wide and celebrate the dynamism of our beautiful country.

    We work smartly and we are proud of our efficient and effective operators who persist to find the best loan options available to you. Our call center agents undergo extensive training and are held to a high level of professionalism to ensure you have the best service experience possible.

    We have a high success rate in securing approved loans for our many clients who are in need of short term financial solutions. Every day we assist many South Africans to find the loan that suits them and our Legal and ID Assist application numbers have been consistently growing over the years.

    We enjoy what we do. And we enjoy doing it for you.

    We try as far as possible to assist the many South Africans who find difficulty in securing a short term financial solution due to poor credit or difficulty in proving their income. That’s why our loan matching service is provided absolutely free of charge. You only pay for what makes smart and savvy sense, our Legal and ID Assist Plan and Credit Crunch Report.

    Contact Legal Loans


    We encourage you to mail us photos of what you were able to do with the money from your successful loan finding application. Whether you would like to send us photo of the renovations on your house or the family camping trip that you were able to afford, we would love to see them.

    If you would like to contact us if you believe we can improve our service or have a complaint, you can let us know by dropping a mail to: info@legalloans.co.za

    Call us: 021 815 4500

    Our call center staff is available Monday to Fridays 08:00am to 6:00pm and Saturdays 09:00 – 1:00pm

    Write us:

    Legal Loans
    P.O Box 378

    Legal Loans, assisting all blacklisted people to acquire loans everyday!

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  • Izwe Personal Loans of up to R50,000

    If you need a personal loan of up to R50,000 today with no SA ID but employed the Izwe Personal Loans is to the rescue. Payment periods of up to 60 months. Apply Now!

    About Izwe Personal Loans

    Izwe Personal Loans

    Non Residents or not, Apply for a personal Loan of up to R50,000 at Izwe Personal Loans. Up to 60 Months to pay back

    Izwe Loans (Pty) Ltd is a specialist finance company targeting the formally employed market with an unsecured, salary based term-loan offering. The company has grown into a dynamic, rapidly developing pan-African micro-finance organisation with operations in South Africa, Ghana, and Zambia.
    Izwe Loans (Pty) Ltd, was established in South Africa in 2004 opening its first branch in Pretoria, Gauteng. Since then, there has been a steady and managed progression of branch openings and Izwe is now represented by 30 branches nationwide.

    The company is managed by a team of highly experienced South African micro-finance professionals, on similar principles as the former banking sector, from its head office in Johannesburg.

    Izwe operates as a registered micro-financier and makes unsecured loans which currently do not exceed R50 000 with tenors up to 60 months. Izwe has disbursed over R1 billion to date to over 150 000 customers.

    Regulations & Legislations

    National Credit Regulator (NCR)
    Financial Services Board (FSB)

    National Credit Act (NCA) promulgated in June 2006
    Long Term and Short Term Insurance Act

    It’s easy to obtain an Izwe personal loan…

    We offer you the complete freedom to use your loan for housing renovations, a new home, your child’s school fees, to consolidate current debt or for any unforeseen expenditure. Our application process is convenient and personalized for your needs.

    Your installment amount and interest rates are fixed over the term of the loan.

    We can pay the money directly into your bank account allowing you to access the cash quickly.

    Let us call you back to help you get started on the road to making your dream a reality.

    Izwe Personal Loans Requirements

    • Contact number
    • Net salary
    • Employer Name
    • Loan amount Required

    Izwe Personal Loans Application form found here

    Contact Izwe Personal Loans

    Aloe Grove
    Houghton Estate Office Park
    2 Osborn Road
    Houghton Estate
    South Africa

    Tel: +27 (010) 206 7400
    E-mail: info@izwe.co.za

    Izwe Personal Loans providing loans even to foreigners!

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  • OOBA Home Loan for Non-South Africans Res

    Looking for a BOND but you are a foreigner residing in South Africa? OOBA home loan can assist you to apply. Over 90% approval rates! TRY NOW

    OOBA are the home loan experts in South Africa and can assist you with your home loan application. Here is some information on buying a property in South Africa as a foreign buyer or non-resident.

    OOBA Home Loan

    South Africa follows a system of land registration where every piece of land is reflected on a diagram and ownership recorded in one of the regionally located Deeds Registries where documents are available for public viewing. South Africa is reputed to have one of the best deeds registration systems worldwide with an exceptional degree of accuracy and of tenure being granted. Property can be owned individually, jointly in undivided shares or by an entity such as a company, close corporation or trust or a similar entity registered outside South Africa.

    Foreigners are referred to as non-residents, whether they be natural persons or legal entities whose normal place of residence, domicile or registration is outside the common monetary area of South Africa. There are certain restrictions on property ownership by non-residents and illegal aliens are prohibited from owning immovable property within South Africa. There are also certain procedures and requirements which must be complied with in certain circumstances, such as the local registration of entities registered outside of South Africa where it purchases a property in South Africa as well as the appointment of a South African resident public officer on behalf of a local company whose shares are owned by a non-resident.

    How to Apply

    Negotiating a home loan can be a complicated and time-consuming process. This is when you need the experts on your side. Apply for a bond through ooba. We know the banks, understand the system and will hunt down the best deal for you. Since 1998, ooba has secured more than R200 billion in home loans for our clients. We’re skilled negotiators and masters at presenting your application in the best possible way. Several banks compete for your business. That can only mean a better deal. And a better chance of home loan approval. Dealing with an expert, means your life stays simple. A streamlined home loan approval process, with no duplication of forms. We’ll take the scissors to the red tape, magnify the fine print, and get you the best deal, quickly. We know our stuff, so you don’t have to worry. Independent. Straight-talking. And for free. Ask one of our home finance experts to call you back.

    To Apply find our contact details below or visit our direct website to apply online.
    Exchange Control & Tax Information for Foreign Buyers

    Exchange Control

    All funds introduced from outside South Africa to acquire fixed property within South Africa may be repatriated together with any profit on resale of the property, after deduction of any capital Gains Tax payable, provided the title deed of the property has been endorsed “non-resident”. Similarly, funds introduced to acquire shares in a company / members interest in a close corporation may be repatriated together with any profit on resale, provided the relevant securities have been endorsed “non-resident”. Funds introduced into South Africa in the form of foreign loan to find acquisitions of corporate entities which own property in South Africa, may be repatriated in terms of the original loan approval by the Reserve Bank. The profit on resale may also be repatriated, provided the relevant securities have been endorsed “non-resident”.

    Income Tax

    South Africa follows a revenue based income tax system meaning that income earned from a South African source will be subject to ordinary income tax. Accordingly, any rental earned by non-resident in respect of South African properties will be subject to income tax and it is the responsibility of the non-resident to register as a South African tax payer.

    Income earned by natural persons below R27 000 per annum (for persons under the age of 65) and R42 640 (for persons above the age of 65) is exempt from income tax, whilst all income earned over and above the aforesaid amounts will be taxed at a marginal rate applicable to that non-resident.

    Corporate entities are subject to a tax rate of 30% of each Rand of taxable income whilst the equivalent rate for a trust is 40%. Non-resident companies are taxed at a rate of 35% but are exempt from Secondary tax on companies (STC) in respect of dividends paid.

    Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

    Non-residents are only liable to pay CGT on the disposal of the following :

    Immovable property situated in South Africa, including any right or interest in immovable property.
    Assets of a permanent establishment of a non-resident through which trade is carried on in South Africa.
    CGT is payable in the year in which the asset is disposed of and is calculated by adding 25% of the capital gain, or profit, to the individuals income for that year and taxing that income that the individuals marginal rate of income tax. The maximum marginal income tax rate for individuals in South Africa is presently 40%. The capital gain is calculated and disclosed in the individual’s income tax return for the year in which it is sold. Thus, if a non-resident disposes of an immovable property in any year of assessment and is not already registered as a South African taxpayer, he or she will have to register as such and submit an income tax return reflecting the calculation of the capital gain and will be liable for the payment of CGT on that gain.

    South African residents do not pay CGT on the first R1 million of profit made on the disposal of their primary residence. However, non – residents will not qualify for this exemption if there primary residence is not in South Africa.

    Financial Assistance for Foreign Buyers

    There are certain restrictions on non-residents wishing to purchase property in South Africa. The non-resident may borrow up to a maximum of 100% of his/her borrowing base. The Borrowing base of a non-resident individual is the sum introduced into South Africa to fund the purchase of a property, i.e. 50% of the purchase price. E.g. – A non-resident wishes to purchase a property in South Africa for ZAR600,000.00. Provided ZAR300 000.00 is introduced into South Africa to effect the purchase he / she would be able to apply to the South African Reserve bank for permission to avail himself of a bond of ZAR300 000.00. In other words banks will lend up to 50% of the purchase price, subject to their normal terms and conditions, which would include a valuation of the property.

    Technically, if a non-resident has consistently brought funds into the country over a number of years, he/she may borrow up to a maximum of 100% of the total funds invested in South Africa. Theoretically this could also be more than 50% of the purchase price of the property.

    These non-resident loans are however subject to foreign exchange approval from the South African Reserve bank. Financial assistance is granted in the form of a loan secured by a mortgage bond to be registered in favour of the bank granting the loan. ooba can apply to all the major financial institutions in South Africa on your behalf, for a mortgage bond, thereby obtaining the most competitive package on your behalf. This is a free service and no fee is charged. The obtaining of financial assistance from a financial institution should be included in the agreement of Sale as a suspensive condition where the sale is subject to the receiving of financial assistance.

    The Non-resident does not have to open a banking account in SA with a commercial bank, although some banks insist, as he/she can transfer funds directly from his overseas account into his Mortgage Account. If an account is to be opened, especially if an access facility is required for the capital paid off, then the non-resident is required to obtain an original letter of credibility from his bankers. This local account will often be funded from abroad or from rental income from the property purchased, subject to the bank holding the account being in possession of a copy of the rental agreement.

    As Exchange control is a complex subject, Non Residents are advised to consult with our ooba Home Finance Experts on this issue.

    Temporary residents / foreign nationals

    Foreign Nationals (temporary residents) may apply for local financial assistance, including a mortgage bond for the purchase of residential property. Such a mortgage bond is not restricted and depending on the standing of the client can be 50% of the purchase price of the property. The granting of any borrowing facility is subject to the approval of the Lending Manager in the Branch of the bank where the foreign national holds his / her account. It is important to note that when a foreign national departs the Republic of South Africa, the criteria for Non-Resident purchasers will apply and the bond may have to be reduced to fall in line with the South African Reserve Bank’s formula requirements. Please talk to one of our experienced ooba Home Finance Experts to facilitate you with your application for bond finance.

    South African Residents working abroad

    For South African residents, working abroad, a 50 – 70% mortgage bond can be obtained. Most banks will consider granting up to a 70% loan but each application will be evaluated on individual merit. Some clients have been granted 100% finance but in exceptional circumstances. You must live abroad temporarily and plan to return to South Africa. Moreover, an application to emigrate must not have been made, nor should you have surrendered your permanent residency status in South Africa. Please speak to one of our experienced ooba Home Finance Expert to assist you in this regard.

    Contract workers

    Contract workers are regarded as South African residents for the purposes of obtaining finance in South Africa and can therefore borrow up to 100%, subject to normal income qualifying criteria.

    Foreign Buyers Cost Information

    Transfer Costs

    The purchaser is responsible for the payment of transfer costs and the costs of registering any new mortgage bonds over the property purchased. He / she will also have to pay an inspection fee and initiation fee. Transfer costs include transfer duty and conveyancers fees. Transfer duty is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price and varies depending on the purchaser’s legal status. Conveyancers fees, charged by the attorneys for attending to the transfer and registration of mortgage bonds are calculated according to a tariff.

    Bond Costs

    Bond costs are the costs incurred for raising mortgage finance. Mortgage registration fees according to a prescribed tariff are payable to the registering attorney.

    Click here to access our Bond and Transfer costs calculator which will allow you to determine the costs associated with the purchase of property and those costs related to the registration of the home loan.

    Visit us:

    8th Floor, ooba house,
    33 Bree Street
    Cape Town

    Write to us:

    P.O. Box 1535
    Cape Town 8000
    South Africa

    Talk to us:

    Head Office:
    Tel: (+27 21) 481 7300
    Bond & Insurance Enquiries:
    Tel: 0860 00 66 22
    Fax: (+27 21) 481-7387

    OOBA Home Loan is the best deal for bonds especially if you are non-resident or a foreigner in South Arica!

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  • Wesbank FNB Car Loan Application Process

    Wesbank FNB Car Loan offers car loans easily, find out the application process, what is required from you and their direct car loan contact details here.

    Step 1: Pre-screening

    When starting a new application, you will need to visit any of the Wesbank branches and see a consultant who will ask a few questions to verify whether you qualify or not. If you qualify he or she will provide you with an application form. The following questions have to be met for you to qualify:

    Wesbank FNB Car Loan

    Get easy car loan from Wesbank

    Get easy car loan from Wesbank

    1. Are you buying from a private seller? 2. Are you a South African citizen or have a valid permit to live in South Africa? 3. Is the vehicle a rebuilt or stolen/recovered (Code 3)? 4. Do you (the applicant) have a valid South African drivers licence? 5. Do you (the applicant) have a clear credit record? 6. Do you (the applicant) earn R6 000 or more per month? 7. Is the amount to be financed more than R30 000? 8. Is the vehicle older than 10 years? If all of the above questions are met with a YES, it means that you qualify for a car loan from Wesbank.

    Step 2: Complete the application form

    The application consists of 8 pages. During the application process you will need to provide the following information: 1. Personal information, including a valid ID or passport number 2. Contact details 3. Spouses details (if applicable) 4. Employment details 5. A summary of your monthly income and expenses 6. Home ownership details (if applicable) 7. Banking details 8. Details of the vehicle / asset you wish to purchase

    Step 3: Application submission

    Once you have completed all the information necessary for the application, you can submit the application for processing. This processing takes a few  hours within the wesbank branch, after which you will receive a fully vetted credit response from Wesbank. The response is in form of an email and/or SMS confirmation of your application and a reference number.

    For further queries or questions, please contact:

    Telephone: 0861 137 137 E-mail: finance@wesbank.co.za Fax: 0861 101 833 Hours: Weekdays 8am to 5pm Saturdays: 8am to 12pm

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  • Old Mutual My Personal Loan

    Obtain Old Mutual My Personal Loan for debt consolidation. My Personal Loan is repaid in 3 to 36 months loan. Up to R100 000, fixed rate.

    Old Mutual My Personal Loan gives you complete freedom of choice.

    Whether you want to:

    • Renovate your home.
    • Buy a new car.
    • Pay for unforeseen medical expenses.
    • Or buy that flat screen TV.
    Get up to R100 000 loan you can Afford to pay back with Old Mutual

    Old Mutual My Personal Loan provides you with up to R100 000

    How It Works

    • Minimum loan term of 3 months.
    • Maximum loan term of 48 months.
    • Qualify for a personal loan of up to R100 000.
    • Fixed interest rate at the time of the personal loan application.
    • You need to be employed for at least 3 months at the same employer.
    • The interest rate applied will be determined by your credit score.
    • Only individuals can apply for a personal loan.

    The Requirements

    • To apply for My Personal Loan you have to be 18 years of age.
    • The term of your My Personal Loan agreement must cease prior to age 60 with a minimum term of 12 months.
    • You must have a valid South African ID document (Green, bar coded, 13 digit).
    • You must provide a current payslip no older than 1 month.
    • You need to provide consecutive bank statements for the last 3 months.

    What You Need to Do

    • Always pay your monthly consolidation loan installment.
    • Call Old Mutual on 0860 445 445 for more information on My Personal Loan or SMS your name to 41575 and one of our financial consultants will call you back to gladly assist you with a personal loan or debt consolidation or visit any branch nearest to you to apply for My Personal Loan.

    Obtain Old Mutual My Personal Loan for your debt consolidation the easiest way from Old Mutual.

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